Parenting Agreements in a Texas Divorce

Solutions for Sharing Kids

Parents who are considering divorce or who are involved in a custody action can find help in figuring out the practicalities of children living in more than one household.

Joint Physical Custody:  Smart Solution or Big Problem? - A thoughtful article by a Texas-based mediator with practice advice for parents looking at custody issues

Fathers Rights To Custody - This site is informative and has some quite different features.  There is a chat room, message board, articles on topics of interest to fathers, book reviews, statistics, parenting plans, guide to parenting evaluation process and an extensive list of links.  A unique feature is the Parent Time Tracker (PTT).  PTT is free software available for downloading which keeps track of parenting time either used or denied.  There are list of attorneys and guardian ad litems recommended and not recommended with comments.

Software for Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements

Single parents use KidsFirst! web-based software to create quick and easy legal documents to file in court and share an online co-parenting calendar.  The Custody Agreement is for decisions about housing and co-parenting schedules. The Parenting Plan is for decisions about healthcare, education, religion, communication, safety, travel, childcare/daycare, drugs/alcohol, sports/activities, and much more. When signed by the judge, these documents become a court order and any violation is against the law.

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